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PentasodiumSalt Of Ethylene Diamine Tetra(Methylene Phosponic Acid)(EDTMP.Na5)


PentasodiumSalt Of Ethylene Diamine Tetra(Methylene Phosponic Acid)



Molecular Formula :C6H15O12N2P4Na5              Molecular Weight: 546.13


EDTMP Na5 is a neutral product,EDTMP Na5 is a multi-nitrogen-containing organic phosphates, a cathodic type inhibitor. It is miscible with water, innocuous and none pollution to environment, has good chemical stability and temperature tolerance. It shows excellent scale inhibition ability under temperature 200℃. It can dissociate into 8 positive-negative ions, thus can chelate with many metal ions to form polymer reticulation complex, to destroy the normal crystallization of calcium scale. EDTMP.Na5 shows better antiscale effects to calcium sulfate and barium.EDTMP · Na5 is used for circulating water and boiler water scale and corrosion inhibitor, non-cyanide electroplating of complexing agent, softening agent in dyeing industry, power plant cooling water treatment.Solid products of EDTMP.Na5 have slightly moisture absorption , are convenient for transportation and using  in cold conditions.



items index
Appearance Amber transparent liquid White powder
Active content (as EDTMP•Na5)% 30.0-32.6 81.4
Active content (as EDTMPA)% 24.0-26.0 65.0
Chloride (Cl-) % 2.0 2.0
Density (20℃) g/cm3 1.25 --
Fe (as Fe 2+)content mg/L 20.0 20.0
PH(1% solution) 6.0-8.0 6.0-8.0

3,Application range&using method

EDTMPS can be used as corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system and boiler water. It is a chelating agent in non-cyanogen electroplating industry and a water-softening agent in printing & dyeing industry. When used alone, 2~10mg/L is preferred. When built with HPMA by ratio ETDMP:HPMA=1:3, it can be used for low pressure boiler. It can also be built with BTA, PAAS and zinc salt.  Organic phosphonic acid 。

4, Package and Storage

EDTMP.Na5 liquid :Normally in 25kg or 250kg plastic drum. EDTMP.Na5Solid:inner liner polyethylene(PE) bag,outer plastic woven bag,or confirmed by clients.Storage in room shady and dry place.Storage period of solid is ten months, liquid storage period is 12 months.EDTMP.Na5 isneutral, attention to labor protection,avoid contact with eyes and skin ,once contacted,flush with water.

Tel: +86-632-3536598 3536777 3537779
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Contact: Kan Xiaodong 13806371780
Wei Yongtao 13863201612
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